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Red illusion with white DelusioN quilt

New KreaturA quilt for double bed


Windmill baby quilt !

KreaturA made new baby quilt for mr. SVIT!


This time KreaturA for Svit chose coulorful WindmiLLs




For warm and soft sleeping of babyboY Svit!


babY Dan quilt!!!

KreaturA made a new babY quilt for mr.Dan!

 *babY Dan QuilT* is classic patchwork made frOm twO  kinds of blocks

  And I finisheD *bybY Dan quilT* with prairie point border

and foR bacK side oF quilT I choose *buBBLES*

so…KreaturA hopE Dan wiLL love iT!!!


nEW KreaturA quilts!!!

KreaturA made two *CawboY quiltS* for sleeping rOOM in Bovec apartmenT!!!

Blue CowboY quilT

YelloW cowboy quilT

Quilt blocks are made witH  differanT plaid patterns on the whitE base!

I am verY happY how thEY fit on the beD!!!!