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New Black and whiTe etui for mr.MacBook AiR!





If you Like iT , KreaturA can make it for you, too!!!




new laptop sleeveS!!!!

Black and White sleeve for 11” laptop

11'' black and white laptop sleeve

A side of hiPPo sleeve for 13” laptoP

13'' hippo laptop sleeve

B side oF Hippo sleeve for 13” laptoP 

B side of Hippo laptop sleeve

neW stufF!!!

KreaturA amde somE new laptop sleeves, mobiLe caseS, beauTY caseS and tobacCo pocheS!!!


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*perfecT silent boy dReam*

*perfecT silent boy dReam*is made for for mr.mac boOk aiR 11″


*perFFetTo dotS*

neW lapTop sleeveS!!!!


*perfFEtTo dotS*

is made for  13inCh big laptoP

*Animal Kingdom*

is made for 11 inCH big laptOP

for smalL computeRs, babY lapTOPS!!!

iF you have a smalL laptop, you definitelY need cuTe and crazY protEction foR youR new toY!!!

checK this OUT!!!


Violent Power Sleeve

crazY dots,  26×23 cm

*deviliSH inspiratiON* laptoP sleeve

KRERATURA made new laptop sleeevE!!!

42cm x 32cm

Dots, Animals and Mushrooms!!!!


KREATURA laptoP sleeveS!!!

hoY hoY

new stuFF in worlD of KREATURA!!!


If you would like to order a perfect dress for your laptoP,  just contact me on: