Month: avgust, 2011

art markeT v ajdovščiNi!!!

Kreatura bo letos prvič sodelovala na Art Marketu v AjdovščiNi ki ga organiziRa LičNa hiŠA!!!!

To soboto, 3.septembrA od 9.oo do 18.oo ob v Palah, ob Hiši mladiH!!!

Upam da se vidimo taM!!!!

😉 😉 😉 😉

neW beautY caseS!!!

few neW beautY caseS witH new maGnet opening-closing patent!!!


oranGe chickEN!!!




bluE catS in doubLe deckeR!!! 

some moRe smaLL bagS!!!

…and somE more bagS for yoUr electronic deviCES!!!!

neW caseS for youR glasseS!!!

and two More caseS for your glaseS!!!


Punk roCk tobaccO poucH!!!

inspireD by Punk Rock HolidaY in Tolmin Kreatura made few new tobaCCo poches!!!

hi,hi hi