Month: april, 2011

*Dark Blue Boy* and *Blue Boy Dream* tobbacO poucH!!!

a Few neW tobacco poucheS and dresSes for your ipoD or moBile phoneS!!!

*Dark Blue Boy*tobbaco pouch!!!

*Blue Boy Dream* tobbacO poucH!!! 


3 new pouches for your smokinG equipmenT

*innOcent bluE*

*perfFetTo dotS* 

*daRk bambiE* 

*perfecT silent boy dReam*

*perfecT silent boy dReam*is made for for mr.mac boOk aiR 11″


*perffettO dots* collectiON

laptop sleeve,beauty case and tobacco poucH with dotS!!!



Nekaj KREATURA izdelkov lahko najdete, pogledate, komentirate in seveda kupite spletnem portalu!!!!

2 moRE beautY cases!!!

*perfFetTo dots* beauty case!!!!

 *CrazY power*beautY case!!!

*perFFetTo dotS*

neW lapTop sleeveS!!!!


*perfFEtTo dotS*

is made for  13inCh big laptoP

*Animal Kingdom*

is made for 11 inCH big laptOP