Month: marec, 2010

IZ BOBRIŠČA…Škrip Orkestra v GaLa HaliiiIIIIiii….8.apRil!!!


neW…neW..nEw….pAtchwoRk baGs!!!

KREATURA made  a neW pRoducT!!!

Big and migHtY patchwork bags made oUt witH  “lOg caBin” texhniQue!!!

KREATURA on islaNd hVar…madeinhvar!!!

KREATURA went to gorGeous islaNd Hvar in croAtia!!

it loOks thaT she haVe a perFect plaCe to enGoy in suN!!!



PerfecT foR your kitChen!!!

kRatutrA made fEw pot.Holders!!!

for all “kitcHen girLS”!!!

fLower…sPrinG colleCtioN!!!

sPring is knOckiNG!!!

aRe you readY???

just perFect fLoweR bags for yoUr spRIng walK!!!