Month: junij, 2009

kabinet čuDesA

fEw photos fRom riJeka KABINET ČUDESA

it wAs grEat..

thanx giRls

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yOu can fiNd and buY KREATURA’s stuff  in chiCkita’s on- line sHop


deViliSh comBinaTion

Kreatura madE one smalL deviLisH  “set”


dreSs foR youR iPod or mobiLe pHone togEther wiTh  dresSing-case or dressing-baG

new bags

krEatura made some neW bags…yoU can use tHem like dresSing-case or dressing-baG…or juSt like smaLl cute baG…;-)

dreSses foR yoUr toyS

iF you woUld like to haVe unique and oriGinal dreSs for youR ipod or mobile phOne…itS possible…

Kretaura madE  difFerent beaUtifuL  dressEs for yoUr toYs

neW stuff

kreatura maDe some neW stuff…chack it ouT and telL us if yoU like it or iF yoU want to have it..

yoU can coNtacT us oN: